Internet Tutorials
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Steady Job--Steady Life Program

First Presbyterian Church of Monterey
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The tutorials on this site will help you learn a number of important computer and internet-using skills that will help you locate, apply for, and succeed in getting a steady job.

The tutorials are completely online and do not require any printed materials or other learning aids. 

However, before starting them, you must first know how to

  • go online to a specified website
  • move from one page to another within the website
  • move back and forth between websites.

If you need help on this, ask a friend to help you print a 15-page instructional booklet, Internet Browsing 101, which can be downloaded here.

You can then use the Internet Browsing 101 booklet, side-by-side with any Windows-based computer, to quickly learn these important beginning skills and be ready to work with the tutorials on this site.

Each tutorial builds on the previous one, so you should start with the first and continue with each of the rest.